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Men's Casual Solid Color Stand Collar Long Sleeve Shirt 56350079TO


• Category: Men's shirts
It is a basic item in men's clothing and is suitable for a variety of formal and informal occasions.
• Collar design: Stand-up collar design
Different from traditional lapels, stand-up collar shirts appear more unique and fashionable, giving people a capable and spirited impression, especially suitable for wearers who pursue individuality or want to show the beauty of the neckline.
• Fabric selection: blended fabrics
It means that it combines the advantages of different materials to achieve better wear resistance, wrinkle resistance and easy care characteristics, while also trying to maintain comfort.
• Sleeve design: Long sleeve design
Suitable for spring and autumn seasons or indoor environments with sufficient air conditioning. Long sleeves can be rolled to adapt to different temperatures or create different styles.
• Detail design: Button opening and closing
It is a classic configuration of shirts, which is easy to put on and take off, and it is also easy to adjust the degree of opening of the collar as needed, increasing the flexibility of wearing.
• Version design: Regular version
Ensures a wide range of adaptability, suitable for most people's body shapes, neither tight nor too loose, can be used as business attire, and suitable for daily casual matching.
• Size selection: Multiple size options are available
Meet the needs of consumers of different body shapes, ensure that every customer can find the right size, and improve the comfort and overall fit of the wearer.

In summary, this men's shirt with a stand-up collar, blended fabric, and long sleeves, with its unique collar design, practical fabric selection, classic detail processing, wide version adaptability, and multiple size supply, is suitable for men who pursue personalized expression and pay attention to the practicality of clothing. It can show its unique style in various occasions such as business office, daily leisure, and semi-formal gatherings.

Suitable occasions:
1. Business occasions: The stand-up collar design gives the shirt a formal and capable temperament. It is matched with suit pants or formal pants, which is suitable for formal occasions such as daily business office, business meetings or business negotiations. The long-sleeved design is particularly suitable in a more formal or conservative business environment.
2. Semi-formal activities: Such as business casual gatherings, workshops, small seminars, etc., this shirt can maintain a professional image while adding a touch of casual atmosphere through different combinations (such as matching with casual pants or jeans) to show personal style.
3. Social occasions: Stand-up collar shirts can also shine in some informal social activities, such as gatherings with friends, dining in restaurants or cultural activities. Proper matching can show the wearer's sense of fashion and taste.
4. Cultural festivals: In some festivals or theme events with cultural characteristics, the characteristic design of stand-up collar shirts can be used as a choice of clothing to show cultural respect or integrate into a specific theme.
5. Travel wear: The durability and easy-care characteristics of blended fabrics make this shirt very suitable for travel, whether as a daily outfit during travel or as a layering item to cope with different temperature changes.

In summary, this shirt can flexibly adapt to a variety of occasions from formal to casual, with its unique stand-up collar design, the practicality of blended fabrics, the seasonal adaptability of long sleeves, and the wide applicability of regular versions, showing a variety of styles through different combinations.

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  • Diverse Styles: From casual to vintage cool.
  • Designed in California.
  • Eco-Conscious Production.
  • Handcrafted Precision: Note 1cm/1 inch manual measurement difference.


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